cyber_Folks is embracing AI! The company is unveiling its proprietary tool for automatic creation, maintaining, and editing of websites.

February 27, 2024

cyber_Folks is planning to make larger investments in proprietary products based on artificial intelligence (AI). The company has just introduced _Now, an AI-powered website builder. This is cyber_Folks' latest and most technologically advanced tool, designed from the outset to leverage the power of artificial intelligence. With_Now, creating an attractive website for businesses takes not weeks as before, but just seconds. The BETA version of the solution is already available to selected users in Poland, with its international premiere planned for mid-year.


- For many years,we have been changing the Polish Internet, and now we are revolutionizing it._Now is a unique solution on many fronts. Firstly, it is difficult to find a competitive product that would enable such rapid and efficient creation of a functional website like our builder does. It's important to remember that a website is not just a simple business card; it often serves as support for the image and promotion of the entire company. – says Jakub Dwernicki,CEO of cyber_Folks. – We remain consistently customer-centric. _Now takes user convenience to an entirely new - higher level. Thanks to it, our clients can launch a new website within minutes, right from their mobile phones. To prepare it, all they need to do is provide the name and information about the range of services offered, and our cyber-Fusion technology will do all the work for the user: preparing appropriate descriptions, generating photos, and content for SEO. – adds Jakub Dwernicki.


The _Now solutionis based on proprietary AI technology called cyber-Fusion, developed using OpenAI language models and the expertise gained by cyber_Folks from analyzing over 2 million websites. The Polish company already launched a tool for qualitative website analysis back in 2016, focusing on factors like performance, clarity, and SEO positioning. With the _Now tool, a website can be generated within minutes for various industries such as law firms, restaurants, mechanics, photographers, and representatives of other sectors. The generated website will be enriched with marketing descriptions, a blog, and photos that can be easily customized. The tool also allows for the transfer and modernization of an existing website.


- _Now is a solution tailored for the AI era. From the outset, we designed the builder asan AI-based tool, following the "AI First" concept. Thanks to this approach, we have created one of the most innovative website builders in the world. This year, we aim to initiate active communication and marketing efforts abroad.- adds Jakub Dwernicki.


A well-functioning website is a crucial element for businesses. According to research by Pingdom, a company specializing in website speed measurements, with each second of waiting, the percentage of people who close the browser window increases. The difference in page loading time between two seconds and ten seconds results in a tenfold increase in bounce rate.


- Starting today, every one of our clients who wants to run an online business doesn't have to worry about their website. If they want to add an online store, they can use _Stores; if they have challenges with invoices, _Billz will help them. And if they want to focus on marketing and a fully functional newsletter, they have Vercom solutions at their disposal. We have created an ecosystem for modern business. – adds Artur Pajkert, Head of Marketing at cyber_Folks.


Research conducted by the company in 2023 reveals that the main challenge in creating a website is a lack of time. Additionally, for many entrepreneurs, a lack of knowledge and high costs are also problematic. _Now addresses all of these challenges.


The recent years have seen numerous product innovations within the Group. The cyber_Folks strategy involves continued dynamic development of proprietary products within the R&D processes. In 2024, the company plans to allocate approximately 10million PLN to the research and development department.